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A dive into the lives and accomplishments of the founders of Black Health Matters, a Black-owned organization.

Roslyn Daniels
President & founder, Black Health Matters
Roslyn Daniels
President & founder, Black Health Matters

Answering the call to cater to the high-neglected health needs in the African American and Afro-Latin communities, Black Health Matters has emerged as a pillar of support dedicated to improving the overall health conditions in these lackluster environments.

Maintaining a unique video-centric delivery method with a multiplatform health education network produced for diverse populations, the company provides much-needed and vital information about health and wellbeing from a service-oriented perspective.

About BHM

A health-inclined organization primarily dedicated to African Americans, the company is aimed at helping to better the health of its patients, helping spread health-related information to African Americans in need of said information, and in doing so, helping increase the rate of health literacy amongst African Americans who were ignorant of their health.

Black Health Matters is a Performance-based multimedia company dedicated to serving and uplifting African American and Afro-Latin patients. Launched in November of 2022, the company has proven that it possesses the skills, platform, and expertise to deliver impactful and engaging multi-channel marketing programs.

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According to BHM, the number of African Americans that stay ignorant of preventive measures to improve their health is quite alarming, and this is where BHM comes in, working and hoping to greatly reduce the number of African Americans in this category.

African Americans have poor health outcomes on nearly every disease index; we are either at higher risk for developing an illness or we die from it in great numbers.

While access to health insurance and socioeconomic status play a significant part in these health disparities, our lack of awareness about a lot of preventive steps we could take to better our health is also a major reason for said health disparities, and we are in denial of this sad truth.

Black Health Matters will provide information about health and well-being from a service-oriented perspective with lots of upbeats, positive solutions tips”. Taken from BHM website.

Black Health Matters targets adults between the ages of 35-54 and will skew 60% female and 40% male. The company’s platform consists of components specially designed to work together to deliver consumer engagement programs that are efficient and drive ROI, the company holds between 11-50 employees, and the headquarters are located at HELDON, NJ.

Leslie Garcia Fonteno
Managing Director, Black Health Matters
Leslie Garcia Fonteno
Managing Director, Black Health Matters

BHM specialties include communications, health literacy, social media, digital campaigns, African American health virtual programs, and clinical trial recruitment.

We have taken conscious steps to make our Goal come to fruition, and this set goal is well within our reach.” Roslyn Daniels, President.

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About The Founder

Roslyn Young-Daniel is the award-winning president and founder of Black Health Matters. As a nationally respected health strategist with over 20 years designing and implementing cross-cultural health education programs and initiatives, Daniels has also strived to create the leading health promotion and disease management online platform serving the needs of many consumers, patients, and physicians. She is a tireless advocate for eliminating health disparities by improving health literacy among African American consumers and patients.

black health matters members

In 2018, she launched the Black Health Matters summit, a multiplatform initiative featuring live Ted Talk-inspired presentations by leading clinicians and health advocates. Over 15,000 have registered, and over 9,000 attended and viewed the webinars 45,000 times in 2021. Utilizing Black Health Matters’ ecosystem, the sessions are being shared on social media, via newsletters, and live on the website. An unprecedented number of community and professional organizations are stakeholders of the summit.

Some of these organizations are Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; The links, incorporated; The national council of 100 Black women; and the A.E.A.O.N.M.S.  Prince Hall Shriners, Inc. 

Daniels has had quite a number of impressive accomplishments, some of which include:

Receiving the digital diversity networks social entrepreneur award in 2017 and conceiving and implementing two programs with original content adopted by the national medical association (prescription for exercise, the NMA breastfeeding medical alliance).

Moreover, Daniels is a graduate of Boston University and retains a certificate from the top diversity business program.

The Managing director

Leslie Fontenot is an award-winning communication and marketing executive with 20+ years of cooperative and agency experience. Fontenot is currently the managing director for Black Health Matters (BHM), a 10-year-old, women-owned, integrated media and communications company dedicated to improving health outcomes in the African American community.

Fontenot oversees operations and marketing strategies across Black Health Matters (BHM) digital and social platforms and prominent pharmaceutical, healthcare practitioners, and biotech companies to help create authentic and impactful connections with the BIBOC communities.

She honed her expertise as a corporate and agency brand marketer working with fortune 1000 companies across multiple product categories, including hospitality, beauty, health, consumer packaged goods, and financial services. She is known for her key insight and attention to detail.

Fontenot is also a graduate of Boston University School of Communications. Living in Atlanta, Georgia, she enjoys tennis and biking. A proud mother of two young adults, she is honored to serve as a member of the Psi Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Roslyn Young-Daniels
President & Founder
Black Health Matters
Roslyn Young-Daniels

Even though the information offered by the company does not constitute medical advice, offer diagnosis, or recommend treatments, BHM seeks to educate the public of the African American and Afro-Latin communities in matters of health. And by doing so helps to bring about reform in these communities while bettering the lives of their clients and consumers.


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