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Category: Travel

The 10 Best LGBTQIA+ Friendly Destinations to Travel to This Summer As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, it can be overwhelming to make travel plans that feel safe and inclusive. Although it is unrealistic to imagine a country free from prejudice and challenges, many cities across the world welcome LGBTQIA+ people with open arms. […]

Explore the Sacred Valley in the Peruvian Andes Through an Immersive Local Experience With the undeniable boom of tourism and the consequent exploitation of land and indigenous communities comes the big question: How can we develop the travel industry while maintaining the soul of a place, respecting cultural heritage, and strengthening the community? Forget tourist […]

Jessica Nabongo Making Black History Through An Ambitious Globetrotting Journey Black Resistance & Resilience. The theme of 2023’s Black History Month depicts a powerful remembrance of significant events and people in the history of the African diaspora. Black History is an important month of recognition of the great efforts made by global Black communities. At […]

Uniquely Uniting People of Color Through Travel Ashley McDonough, a 25-year-old entrepreneur and visionary, made history in the travel industry for the global black community.  She not only built a global community for travelers of all backgrounds, but she also created the world’s first app, Melanin on the Map, dedicated specifically focusing on connecting people […]

Art isn’t necessarily just confined to gallery walls, it can be found in architecture, monuments, and even on the streets themselves. But which are the best cities in the world for art lovers?

Y ou wake up to the light touch of the morning sun on your skin, a fresh, sweet-smelling breeze, and the rhythmic sound of the waves breaking on the shore. You get up feeling refreshed and step outside into the warm air of the Caribbean to take in the most gorgeous views. Your eyes rest […]

Real Women Find Power in Pain Even More During a Pandemic T hanksgiving is right around the corner, and I can barely contain my excitement about how much food I’m going to enjoy this year. I love discovering new recipes that my friends and family make, but mostly I just love having everyone I love […]

E arly morning sunlight sparkled across the turquoise water as we boarded our private boat. The sun had just peeked out over the ever-present and slightly imposing form of Le Morne Brabant and we were departing for an adventure. As we sped away from the coast, I admired the quiet beach and calm lagoon that […]

S olar Egg is an epic creation of artists Bigert & Bergström and another one of Sweden’s unique saunas. The Solar Egg was initially installed in one of the northernmost towns in Swedish Lapland. Wellness is such an important aspect of life in Sweden and often works hand-in-hand with public or social issues. The artists […]

Sanara Jungle Tulum A n exclusive, luxury, eco-boutique hotel located on Tulum beach Sanara is a superb wellness spa. Health and wellness are at the core of everything at Sanara and the word actually means ‘you will heal’ in Spanish. The luxury retreat is situated on a stunning but popular beach with views out over […]

W hen you think about luxurious island getaways, Sri Lanka may not be the place you are imagining. However, there are very good reasons why this jewel-shaped island in the Indian Ocean has become the dream destination for many. The tiny country, just south of India, has become Asia’s hottest new destination especially among young […]

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