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Date: April 2023

TrooRa magazine embodies the Green revolution As the clock ticks towards an uncertain future, sustainability no more remains a buzzword, it’s now the need of the hour. In this scenario, TrooRa magazine is taking bold steps by embracing the Green Revolution. Here’s how: April 22nd is Earth Day, a

Discover The Journeys of These Fearless Females Through Their Epic World Travel.  Travel is multi-dimensional. Some of us take on a journey to escape from the routine, while others just want to push their boundaries, make dreams come true, and see travel as a learning experience. Some who trave

The Story of Chef Georgiana Hiliadaki The moment her mother inspired her to open a restaurant called “Funky Gourmet,” it should be clear to an observer that Chef Georgiana Hiliadaki has a cool family. She was studying the normal and plain subjects of Italian as well as European Relations at Engl

Expansive Design: Leah Alexander Seeks to Elevate Your Space To Leah Alexander, interior design should make you feel like you’re showing up as your best self.  “My mission with Beauty Is Abundant is to make our clients feel like they’ve made it. When you hire us to serve you, you have mad

New Partnership Helps Black Entrepreneurs and Marginalized Diverse Creatives Seize The American Dream One of the pillars of the proverbial American Dream, and the dreams of many people around the world, is the chance to succeed by launching and running a business.  Entrepreneurship represents a

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