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Gradual Practice, Instant Awakening

Written by: Angelique Redwood

How Manoj Dias Enriches the Health of our World, one Meditation Session at a Time.

In a new age, the post-pandemic era, keeping our heads up is a downright challenge. When the sky always seems to be falling, there’s no better place to look than to mindfulness and meditation. You can join one of this generation’s best mindfulness coaches, Manoj Dias, on a meditative journey down a fulfilling path of healing and growth. Are you ready to reimagine your reality?

In a world filled with chaos and disorder, it can be hard to find our Zen moments. The global pandemic left a collective trauma in its wake: we’re all feeling the aftereffects. It’s no surprise that so many have turned inward to focus on their mental health, and this is where, a man who has spent his life cultivating global mindfulness, excels.

The title “teacher” barely scratches the surface when it comes to labeling Dias and his magnetic personality. His resume touts his skills in writing, speaking, and brand consultation. Learning from greats like Sharon Salzberg Maty Ezraty, Dias has adapted Buddhist teachings into a beautifully digestible form, certifying him as a mindfulness expert. 

There’s an earthly root to Dias’s meditative work. Moments of strife, ailments, and frustrations were the catalysts to his realization that he was not his thoughts. This realization led him on his current path, shaping the spiritual leader he is today.

“… I had this intuitive, maybe knowing, that the root cause of my suffering was my own mind,” Dias acknowledged. “It was nothing that was happening externally. I say, ‘There’s something I need to understand within my mind.’ And so, I knew one of the best ways to fix my mind was to sit down and observe it, and that was the start of my meditation journey.”

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