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Founder | Creative Director | Editor In Chief

Trystanne Cunningham

Trystanne Cunningham is the Founder, Creative Director and Editor In Chief of TrooRa Magazine, A Fortunest Group. As a multifaceted media agency, TrooRa offers many products and services supporting and showcasing rare, emerging luxury lifestyle brands from home, fashion, culinary arts, travel, beauty, wellness, art and more around the globe. We champion the undiscovered and provide a platform to increase their visibility in a meticulously curated quarterly digital/print magazine, and unique events benefiting their products, brand awareness, stories and more. Cunningham’s vision is to inspire readers to explore and discover the unheard and truly rare. As a black, Immigrant, female entrepreneur, Trystanne understands how difficult it can be to make your voice heard over a sea of name brands and celebrity influences. Her magazine perfectly encapsulates her unique perspective. With a talent for finding inspirational stories and unique, luxury brands from around the world, Trystanne is able to make every issue a rare treat. “I have a responsibility to confront the inequities that we face as black, brown, Asian, indigenous, LGBTQ+ individuals and I believe that the most often overlooked are the most important to listen to and showcase. I am thrilled with the way we manage to romanticize all things human in chic fashion through the pages of TrooRa and TrooRa Living Magazines and the events that make their featured stories come to life”.

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Admin Virtual Assistant

Innah Marie Alemania

"A highly organized and dependable Admin Assistant who loves to get the job done right. I also worked in a customer service industry and love to collaborate and worked with people. I was based in the Philippines living in the center pf the city."

Janine Aigner Janine Aigner

Brand Strategy Graphic Designer

Janine Aigner

I‘m a water person, addicted to surfing, love diving into deep waters and enjoy being around the ocean. My digital remote lifestyle takes me around the world. If I'm not travelling, I'm based in Munich in the south of Germany. My passion is it to bring your unique story to life with the perfect design solution for you. Some of my core values are to create design with purpose, work sustainable - use already existing resources and design products which last. I'm specialised in digital design for the lifestyle brands. My projects are branding, graphics design, UX/UI design, newsletter designs, illustration, online banner creation and social media templates. Let's create something awesome together!

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Executive Virtual Assistant and Finance Director

Rona Maglines

I am turning 39 years old this year. I am a wife and a mother of 3 wonderful kids, Fiona (13), Denzel (8) and Ayah (2). I am the youngest of three siblings. I graduated in the year 2004 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and by that year I started working. I started freelancing in 2007 until now. I worked for clients in the US, Australia, UK and Canada. I decided to work as a freelancer and just work from home because my kids are getting older and I want to see them grow and guide them. So far, I have never regretted the transition from the corporate world to the WFH setup. I also owned a Bookkeeping Agency in Upwork that specializes in Bookkeeping but also Virtual Assistance. I also, play volleyball twice a week. We have a group of moms who actively play volleyball. This group of almost 70 moms was founded and managed by my sister, a friend and myself. I and my husband loves to go to the bar every weekend for us to bond after a long week of work. My dream is to have our own house and live peacefully and harmoniously, and that my kids will grow and be successful in whatever their chosen careers in the future.

Mansour Ndiaye e1658407750830

International Strategic Brand Curator

Mansour Ndiaye

Mansour is an engineer and a fashion enthusiast for as long as he can remember. Born in Senegal, he immigrated to France to study at the age of 17. Throughout his college years and early career, he kept on being interested in fashion and helping friends dress better and express their personality through their attire. As a black man living in Paris, Mansour believes that minority people are not often given the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, the first impression they make is very important and that comes with the way they dress. Now he talks about his passion on his blog where he inspires men to dress better and works with Rare Magazine on sourcing rare men's fashion brands.

Katie Lister e1658406985375

Global Brand Consultant | Contributing PR Writer

Katie Lister

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Sherdellah Anunciado e1658408067918

Editorial Director

Sherdellah Anunciado

Sherdellah Anunciado is a graphic designer specializing in print design layouts. She helps small business companies, publishers and celebrants, with marketing materials, branding, magazines, and special event details to connect with their audiences. Sherdellah specializes in making ideas come to life, giving clients peace of mind with her custom and personal design process. She loves translating a client’s personality and style into their connection needs through graphic design. When she’s not designing behind her computer, she can be found on Peloton, working out in the gym, or with her husband walking or riding their bikes in beautiful San Diego.

Amanda Powell

Web Maintenance Content Marketing

Amanda Powell

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Systems Manager

Alessio Monino

I am an automation expert who focuses on improving client's business processes. I work on automating manual tasks, integrating and better organizing data sources, and creating dashboards that enable businesses to take complete control of their data . My areas of expertise include Airtable, Google Suite (Google Sheets/Google Forms/Google Docs), automation platforms like Zapier and, and programming languages including Apps Script, Python, Javascript, and SQL. My focus is on combining business acumen and tech expertise while ensuring that my products are highly user-friendly and functional.

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Chinwe Ohanele

Chinwe Ohanele is an attorney licensed in CA, NY and NJ. She is a self-proclaimed content junkie, MACU fan and adventurer and traveler. When she isn't solving problems or developing legal strategies to give her client's an edge, she is hiking, traveling, or testing out a new recipe.

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PR & Press

Barbara Wichmann

Barbara Wichmann, ARTÉMIA’s founder and CEO, takes a decidedly international approach, something she credits to living in the Netherlands during her formative years. Barbara has won coverage for her clients in such media outlets as ABC World News Tonight, CBS MarketWatch, CNN Headline News, CNBC, Good Morning America, National Public Radio, Univision/Telefutura, the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle,, San Jose Mercury News, Sunset Magazine, along with major international media such as Le Figaro, Marie Claire, Der Stern, Wired Germany, Brigitte, FAZ.

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Kwesi Dontoh

Ghanaian born entrepreneur with over 15 years of Marketing experience.

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Contributing Writer Art | Contributing Photographer

Michael Daks

Nizie Lokman e1658409698196

Contributing Writer

Nizie Lokman

Nizie was a former corporate communicator for 16 years before she stepped in as a freelance travel writer from the chaotic yet calming city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After traveling to over 20 countries, 40 cities across 4 continents, she realized that life is about living the moments in constant transit. The beauty in the journey is about embracing the evolution of change, from traveling, transitioning to transforming to become a better human being in this limited lifetime. She enjoys expressing her thoughts in narratives. She is also a day-and-night multi potentially; soul-aligned storyteller, narrative coach, and a mother.

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Jesse Aduma

Jesse is a professional creative writer who's really passionate about the arts. He's also a fitness enthusiast and writing in the health and fitness niche is one of his specialties and hobbies as he hopes for a healthier future.

Cary Wong e1658410035193

Contributing Writer Culinary

Cary Wong

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Cristina Deptula e1658410126618

Contributing Writer | Publishing & Writing Consultant

Cristina Deptula

Cristina Deptula loves random, eclectic culture of all sorts and amplifying the voices of those promoting creativity, compassion and resourcefulness. Her writing is published in Synchronized Chaos Magazine (which she founded in 2008), the Literary Yard, Scarlet Leaf, Heavy Feather Review, and Wilderness House. She's a literary publicist studying to become an occupational therapist and a hobbyist writer.

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Filipa Araújo

A freelance writer & educator, I’m a passionate storyteller with a severe case of wanderlust. From a young age, I always felt like the world was far too big to be left unexplored. So, at the age of 19, I decided to pack a bag, and go study tourism management & digital marketing abroad. Eight years, and 15 countries later, I believe there’s still so much to learn... The world is my classroom and I’m the student who sits in the first row and never stops asking questions. Nothing excites me more than the unknown. The experiences, stories, the cultures and the people along the way have shaped the person I am today. When I’m not planning my next adventure, I’m probably daydreaming about it. What I love about being a writer is the ability to create a positive impact in people's lives. I believe words are a powerful tool to inspire and empower others. In my free time, I’m usually reading books, attempting and failing at arts & crafts and enjoying time in nature. My motto is: Why reach only for the stars, when the universe is infinite?

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Stergiani Polyzoidou

Stella Polyzoidou is a fashion writer, content creator, and 3D fashion designer. She owns a BA in Archaeology and History of Art, specializing in Fashion History. Stella is pretty proud of her website, in which she is the founder and editor, providing fashion tips and making fashion accessible to all. When she doesn't write about fashion and art, she watches biographical films and reads about different cultures.

Neha Suradkar e1658410546960

Contributing Writer Fashion | Beauty

Neha Suradkar

A Makeup, Nail and Fashion Educator, Style Coach, Grooming Consultant and a passionate Writer, Neha has with an experience of more than a decade in the fields of Fashion Design Teaching and Research, Personal Style Consulting, Makeup, Nails, Styling and Training. She has worked with makeup brands as their technical educator. Her forte lies in creating natural makeup looks and interesting bespoke nail art. Neha's objective is “To make Beauty and Grooming so simple and Practical, that it becomes a part of Lifestyle, rather than something meant for special occasions only” And, for this, she loves to share her knowledge through online and offline workshops and by creating meaningful and practical content.

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Robyn Alexander

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Vicki Sleet

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Mandy Allen

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Tudor Caradoc Davies

Tara Sloggett


Tara Sloggett

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Graham Wood

Graham Wood is a magazine journalist who lives in Johannesburg with his wife, two daughters, four chickens and a bulldog. He writes regularly in the local press about art, design and architecture, three things that often come together in the beautiful homes he writes about for Bureaux. He writes for various magazines locally such as House and Leisure and Elle Decoration but his articles have appeared in magazines all over the world.

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Warren Heath

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Elsa Young

Elsa Young is a name that most have come to associate with the interior and architecture photography sector. Joburg based, but often roaming for work, she has spent the past two decades developing an impeccable reputation for portraying interiors with a sense of authenticity and a keen eye for what makes magic in front of the lens. For Elsa, it’s the joy of being immersed in a creative world where art and design are celebrated that keeps her doing what she does. The chance to meet and work with world class designers, decorators, collectors, writers, stylists, artists and architects is a highlight in her book.

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Kwame Afrocheampong

Born on 20th November, 1993 in Jamestown - Accra to Ghanaian parents, Kwame Acheampong is a passionate photographer and artist who captures his images and communicates his artistry through the lens of his iphone camera. He holds a bachelor of science degree in Agriculture from the University of Ghana, the nation’s premier tertiary institution. With a keen interest in broadening his knowledge, Kwame’s main hobby is reading and researching on Art and Philosophy. Kwame’s work is a representation of his evolving sense of depiction of ideas and artistic influences, and readily explores experimentation as an approach to aesthetics. Currently living in Accra, Kwame hopes to become a globally recognised visual artist by pursuing photography and plans to pursue fine art disciplines specifically painting and sculpture.

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Gilbert Asante

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Gaelle Beller

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Greg Cox

Greg Cox is originally from Durban, South Africa where he studied photography for 3 years. He has been living in Cape Town for the last 14 years and photographs some of Africa’s most beautiful homes and destinations. He believes that photographs should tell a story, whether its in delicious plate of food ,or someone’s warm home, a beautiful place in the country or even just a simple portrait. He thinks you can tell a lot of great stories with simple beautiful pictures.

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Courage Muegbeyogho

Muegbeyogho Nosakhare Courage Is an educator, professional photographer and image retoucher based in Nigeria, Africa. As a Photographer, he strives for an ideal capture that requires minimal post-production while elevating a perfectly captured image. He enjoys his work and loves to have fun while fulfilling his clients desires.

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Shelley Street

Possibly one of SA’s first decor stylists, Shelley Street is sought after not only within the industry but outside these parameters too. A lady who knows much about much, Shelley is a creative soul who marches greatly to the beat of her own wise drum. Whether she is on a film set, advising on the renovation of a restaurant or home, or possibly overseeing a building site, Shelley always yields amazing results. Her clients include Woolworths, Gavin Schneider Productions, Orange Films, France Productions, Poetry, House & Leisure and many more.

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Kevin Jeffery

After having studied business marketing, worked in the industry, and realized I didn't care for it, I left the country in pursuit of something else. I traveled the world for a year, saw over 20 countries, and got into winemaking. That brought me to New Zealand, Oregon, Australia, and back to my hometown of Napa, CA before deciding that writing was my true calling. Since then, I've been living in Spain and perfecting my craft by writing for all sorts of publications, websites, news outlets, and more.



Aruna Nagaraj

Aruna is a spiritual enthusist with a passion for life! She holds a Master's degree in Information Technology, and enjoyed a decade-long career as a corporate animal before she switched to writing. Aruna is a disciple of Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (, and uses her writing to discover and experience higher Consciousness. She writes about technology, project management, digital marketing, travel & lifestyle, design, spirituality, and self-development topics. Amidst all this, she also finds time to volunteer with non-profits, and babysit adorable animals!


Social Media Director

Justice Ann Cuenca

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Multi Media

Andres Maldonado

Zain Al Taweel scaled

Photo Editor

Zain Al-Taweel

Alaa Al Saeed scaled

Photo Editor

Alaa Al-Saeed


Graphic Designer

Sammy Campaner

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