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Studio Fintan

Interior Designs That Defy Stereotypical Décor

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Interior decorating entails refining a space to achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment. Although it is closely related to Interior design, which focuses on understanding the client’s behavior, personality, and style to plan spaces, the foundation of interior decoration is the furnishing and adornment of spaces to create a particular aesthetic. 

In the past, interior decorating involved face-to-face meetings between clients and designers. Clients would provide input on their desired style, color palette, furniture, and other elements they wanted to incorporate into their space. The designer would then create a design concept on a mood board, present it to the client, and make necessary revisions until satisfied. 

As more people began to embrace online shopping and digital communication, they became more comfortable working with designers remotely. E-design, or virtual interior design, has revolutionized how designers work with clients. Many decorators have adapted this e-design concept for their brands to make the process faster, easier, and more accessible.

While the industry is filled with established players and new entrants vying for business, smaller interior decorating companies often need help to stand out in the seemingly crowded marketplace.

And so, we meet Nigerian-born Stephanie Fintan, Founder and Creative Director of Studio Fintan, based in Ontario, Canada. Studio Fintan is focused on elevating living spaces through accessible e-design.

Stephanie shares the inspiration behind the brand’s name, “My Irish surname Fintan has a beautiful meaning to it: ‘little one; white fire.’ I find the tale behind it fascinating. I chose Studio because it evokes a sense of creativity and inspiration. It’s a space for artists, musicians, designers, and other creatives to let their imaginations run wild.”

Studio Fintan was launched online as a small business on the 5th of August, 2021, and has since been gaining traction. Stephanie noted that she launched the business at a time when she felt she was ready and bold enough to showcase her work.

As the world continues to adapt post-pandemic, more people are looking for ways to improve their living spaces, whether through simple redecoration or a complete renovation. However, the process can be overwhelming, especially for those unfamiliar with design concepts and aesthetics. 

It is on this premise that Studio Fintan seeks to proffer a solution. Studio Fintan aims to be an online platform that connects designers and decorators with people who want to transform their space to exude comfort and beauty.

Studio Fintan uses e-design to create 3D renderings and visualization of the design concepts, allowing clients to accurately view what the designs would look like in real life and approve them before implementation. 

Stephanie Fintan, Founder and Creative Director of Studio Fintan
Stephanie Fintan, Founder and Creative Director of Studio Fintan

The founder believes that e-design allows us to explore varied perspectives of beauty and is fascinated by how people define and experience it. Her passion for design is fueled by her desire to transform people’s spaces and quality of life. The importance of e-design lies in its ability to make interior design more accessible, affordable, and convenient for both designers and clients. 

The interior design and decorating industry is highly competitive. For small businesses in the industry, limited resources are always a challenge, making it difficult to compete with larger companies. It can affect their ability to attract clients and complete projects efficiently. 

As a small business in a super competitive industry, Stephanie acknowledges that one of the significant challenges she faces is allocating most of her investments toward branding and marketing efforts to attract her ideal clients.

Apartment Designed by Studio Fintan
Designed by Studio Fintan

When asked how she gets her inspiration, Stephanie said she finds beauty in the little details that are often ignored, like the clarity and precision of someone’s handwriting. She also stated that she gets inspired by the work of other designers, whether in the public space or on social media. 

Citing movies as an example, Stephanie described her love for storytelling and how it can be a powerful way to capture people’s attention. She attributes keeping an open mind and exploring different sources of inspiration to what has helped her bring fresh ideas and perspectives to her work.

As for her plans for Studio Fintan, Stephanie believes she can build a business that resonates with her customers and stands the test of time by constantly evolving and embracing new challenges. Her goal is simple: to keep growing, stay adaptable, and, most importantly, have fun doing it. 

“By infusing joy and enthusiasm into our work, we can cultivate a positive company culture that inspires creativity and collaboration.” – Stephanie Fintan.

While Studio Fintan gears toward success, Stephanie remarks that the ultimate goal is to build a relatable, fulfilling, enjoyable brand for all involved. When asked to advise the young budding entrepreneurs, she noted the importance of putting God first and prioritizing him. 

She also emphasized the need for entrepreneurs to clearly understand why they started their businesses and regularly revisit these reasons to keep them focused and motivated when things get tough or discouraging. She added that as an entrepreneur, one needs to be their own biggest supporter.

Despite the highly competitive interior design and decorating industry, small businesses can still succeed by implementing effective strategies and approaches. Stephanie’s resourcefulness and creativity are admirable as she continually works to overcome these challenges and establish a successful brand.


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