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Tag: women in business

The new face of bold clean beauty In a world where using makeup to cover up “irregularities” like freckles on the face is the norm, Remi Brixton, inspired by her love for freckles and daring attitude, takes an eccentric pivot to make them even more pronounced. Debuting her beauty mark on an industry traditionally inclined […]

Helping Startups Grow Their Businesses in Record Time Sales lead generation involves identifying and nurturing potential customers through various marketing and sales channels. It is a crucial process for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to identify and connect with customers interested in their products or services. There are many ways to generate sales leads, […]

How Pleasing is it to Find One-of-a-Kind Engagement Rings for Your Soulmate? Finding the perfect custom-made jewelry can be a challenge. But if you’re in search of the ideal engagement ring, I’ve got you covered. This next brand is not only delivering custom-made jewelry, but it’s also addressing the LGBTQ+ community, specifically non-traditional couples who […]

Sistah Scifi Launches Book Vending Machines Throughout the Nation Sistah Scifi is the first Black-owned bookstore focused on science fiction and fantasy in the United States, as validated by the American Booksellers Association. “This store began as a book club and then emerged as an online bookstore,” says founder Isis Asare. “The journey just unfolded, […]

Jill Osur’s Journey To Open Conversation on Gender, Racial, and LGBTQ+ Equality through Teneral Wines The word “teneral” describes a dragonfly just after metamorphosis, when it’s most vulnerable, with colorless wings still unable to fly. Within a few days, it gains full color in its wings, spreads them, and flies with grit and grace. Teneral […]

How a San Francisco LGBTQ+ Chocolatier Infuses Heart and Soul into Artisanal Chocolate Carol Gancia is the heart and soul of San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ chocolate enthusiasts, offering some of the most delicious artisanal chocolates. She is an immigrant, an LGBTQ+ member, an award-winning founder, and the head chocolatier at Kokak Chocolates. As the owner and […]

Food and Drinks with Chef Lisa Fernandes Born and raised in Toronto—the largest city in Canada, Chef Lisa Fernandes stayed there until age eleven. It seems like she was destined to be an open-minded individual due to her surroundings. She ate every cuisine imaginable; had friends from the Philippines, India, and beyond; and saw interesting […]

A No-Nonsense Profile of Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza “A fucking badass” is the literal definition of the self-appointed “Chingona” chef. It is obvious at first glance that Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza cuts her own figure. Born and raised in California, lived in Florida for eight years, returned to California, and eventually settled in Arizona, she […]

Interior Designs That Defy Stereotypical Décor Interior decorating entails refining a space to achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment. Although it is closely related to Interior design, which focuses on understanding the client’s behavior, personality, and style to plan spaces, the foundation of interior decoration is the furnishing and adornment of spaces to create a particular […]

The Best Me Conference Returns in 2023 to Inspire Black Women. Lauren Jennings, the founder of The Best Me Conference, grew tired of being the only Black woman in the room while serving in professional leadership roles.  “While this was something I had grown accustomed to, often, it felt exhausting,” she says.  She searched for […]

Botanical PaperWorks, The World’s Leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Seed Paper, Will Go Beyond Paper Heidi Reimer-Epp, CEO, and co-founder of Botanical PaperWorks based in Manitoba, Canada, has a powerful quote on her desk at work that reminds her every day to see the impossible in a different light. A Walt Disney quote, “It’s kind […]

Binuta Sudhakaran, Artist and Yoga Teacher Yoga teacher Binuta Sudhakaran teaches in the Roots of Yoga Studio out of Davis, CA, and online and says that yoga can be for anyone who is human. “Irrespective of whether you are old or young, athletic, flexible, spiritual, religious, or atheist, your yoga practice can meet and serve […]

Afro-Organic Skincare Building Confident, Radiant Beings with Nature’s Remedies. Natural skincare products are skincare products made from ingredients made available by nature and are not harmful to the skin and the environment. They are 100% natural, organic, plant-based, sustainably sourced, and marketed.  No one wants a skincare product that is harsh on the skin. Thus, […]

Customizable Natural Hand Poured Soap Hand Crafted With Passion and Love For Nature. A few decades ago, the world moved from using soap bars to body wash, shower gels, shampoos, and hand wash. All these replacements were considered signs of advancement and using the latest products in the beauty and hygiene category. But in the […]

Bold Colors, Funky Prints, and Intricate Patterns are Synonymous With This Black Woman-Owned Brand What started as a simple passion for visual arts soon became a fashion love story. That’s the case for Samantha Black and her clothing brand, Sammy B. Designs, which is perfect for the modern woman on the go. With fun prints, […]

Conceptual Painter Theresa Giammatei Explores the Quirkiness of Life Through Her Artwork The wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers in Theresa Giammatei’s paintings almost leapt off the canvas at me. I was intrigued by how her art focused on building, construction, and repair, rather than presenting perfectly polished sensuous human forms, mythic creatures, or soaring natural scenes. […]

A dive into the lives and accomplishments of the founders of Black Health Matters, a Black-owned organization. Answering the call to cater to the high-neglected health needs in the African American and Afro-Latin communities, Black Health Matters has emerged as a pillar of support dedicated to improving the overall health conditions in these lackluster environments. […]

Expansive Design: Leah Alexander Seeks to Elevate Your Space To Leah Alexander, interior design should make you feel like you’re showing up as your best self.  “My mission with Beauty Is Abundant is to make our clients feel like they’ve made it. When you hire us to serve you, you have made it.” Her firm […]

You are not alone; the Loveland Foundation stands by you.  Given the social breakouts, the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests, and the police brutality in response to those events, African Americans have been traumatized over the last few years. Because of the stigma attached to the difficulties people who suffer from mental health issues experience, […]

Black Women who Transformed the Beauty Industry The beauty industry promises to enhance people’s appearances and lives with magical products and formulations. However, prejudice has always affected Black women, from not having options for skin tone or using chemicals that damage their skin to the non-availability of hair products. Only recently have cosmetics started to […]

Uniquely Uniting People of Color Through Travel Ashley McDonough, a 25-year-old entrepreneur and visionary, made history in the travel industry for the global black community.  She not only built a global community for travelers of all backgrounds, but she also created the world’s first app, Melanin on the Map, dedicated specifically focusing on connecting people […]

How Chef Debra VanTrece transcends multiple boundaries “I was a bit of an introvert—which comes as a complete surprise to those who know me now,” says Chef Debra VanTrece. That fact may be rather unexpected for those who have seen her lively appearances on various TV programs. It was, however, not the only transformation she […]

Courtney McLeod Says “Get Beyond the Beige!” Interior designer Courtney McLeod says it’s time to “get beyond the beige.” Based in NYC, she showcases a variety of home and business interiors full of vibrant pinks, oranges, greens, blues, grays, browns, and yellows.  Her work suggests that people are moving away from simple and subdued looks […]

Creativity is creativity. It just plays out in different ways,” says Nneka Mosley of One Handy Momma. She started out making and selling designer handbags, a hobby she’d turned into a business...

How Joanne Chang Became a Celebrated Pastry Chef Known as one of the most decorated and popular bakeries in America, Flour Bakery + Café opened its doors at the turn of the century. Fast forward to 2021, there are now ten locations scattered throughout the Boston area along with its headquarters (known lovingly as the […]

DLISH—Mona Bavar’s Distinctive Gift Boxes Curated from Milan, Italy M ona Bavar is the delightful and engaging entrepreneur behind DLISH, a start up company specializing in curating distinctive gifts around food, art and design for the corporate market as well as for person-to-person gifting. We sat down for a virtual breakfast meeting, Mona in a […]

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