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Category: Art

Three LGBTQ+ Maestros Enriching the Arts Realm In the vibrant realm of visual art and literature, three queer maestros are breaking boundaries and elevating the creative landscape. With their unique perspectives and immense talent, these individuals are transforming the way we perceive and experience the arts.  Through their powerful storytelling, captivating imagery, and thought-provoking concepts, […]

Black and Queer Crocheter and Sculptor Ramekon O’Arwisters Celebrates Heritage and Community Through Healing Crafts Experiences Southern-born crochet artist and sculptor Ramekon O’Arwisters describes his style as liberating, grounded, and authentic. “I feel most grounded and affirmed when I focus on my creativity. I can absolutely trust my creativity; it only requires that I remain […]

Bellingham Author Marcus James Explores Queer Identity, Grief, and Local History in His Literary Horror Novels “Horror and gothic literature live in the space of grief. Grief is a powerful thing. The constant sense of loss and a refusal to give up the ghost—whether that ghost is metaphorical or literal. It is a bleakness and […]

Sistah Scifi Launches Book Vending Machines Throughout the Nation Sistah Scifi is the first Black-owned bookstore focused on science fiction and fantasy in the United States, as validated by the American Booksellers Association. “This store began as a book club and then emerged as an online bookstore,” says founder Isis Asare. “The journey just unfolded, […]

Conceptual Painter Theresa Giammatei Explores the Quirkiness of Life Through Her Artwork The wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers in Theresa Giammatei’s paintings almost leapt off the canvas at me. I was intrigued by how her art focused on building, construction, and repair, rather than presenting perfectly polished sensuous human forms, mythic creatures, or soaring natural scenes. […]

San Francisco’s Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) Expands International Focus Since Pandemic Shutdown The Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) is one of very few museums worldwide focused exclusively on contemporary art of the Diaspora of Black people worldwide. They are an esteemed Smithsonian Affiliate and modern art museum focused on uplifting Black art […]

In conversation with Emeka Okereke, we find out how borders can be connected through the power of art. Borders are an interesting concept. An invisible line that divides our land. A line that separates us. It defines us, limits us, shapes our cultures, and sets a false notion of self. Emeka Okereke is a multidisciplinary […]

An innovative project that is redefining how we look at urban spaces and reinforcing the transformative power of art. Rebuild Foundation was founded in 2009 by artist and social innovator Theaster Gates. Founded with the intent to empower communities and support emerging artists, the Rebuild Foundation is a platform for art, cultural development, and neighborhood […]

Bornstar is a Nigerian fashion brand created by Adedamola Adebayo using 90% locally made fabric. It's a brand that peels down to its African roots, blurring the lines between genders with sustainable and indigenous fashion trends, focusing on styles, colours and fits to flatter the younger generation, but equally appealing to an older generation.

Morgan Otagburuagu is originally from Abia State, Nigeria but is now based in Lagos. He has had a Keystone compact camera for as long as he can remember and that inspired and motivated him to produce images without a thought to a career until 2017 when he learned about digital cameras. “All my life I have been into art.”

The pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health. For too long, we have been asked to practice social distancing and isolate ourselves. Staying at home and confining ourselves within our four walls rattled our cages and reminded us how important human connection is.

Rare Magazine speaks with dancer Jessie Williams’ on her love for dance.  Michael Daks: Why don’t we talk a little bit about how you got started? I started as a photographer when I was sixteen, which is how old you are now, but you must have started when you were five or even earlier? Jessie […]

An Interview with Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker Maya Cueva M aya Cueva is an award-winning director and producer who began broadcasting for NPR’s “All Things Considered” at the age of sixteen through Youth Radio before directing her first documentary short The Provider, which won an Emmy at the College Television Awards. We sat down to talk […]

J aidene Veda is a Canadian recording artist with five albums under her belt as well as close to 200 collaborations as a feature vocalist over her 20-year career. She is currently working on her sixth album as well as a documentary due to be released in 2021. We sat down virtually to talk about […]

M y father was never really a fan of ‘pop’ music, but could often be heard in our ‘posh’ sitting room (the one with the piano) listening to Beethoven or Brahms, or even classical guitar performances by Julian Bream, or John Williams, while the rest of the family were in the TV sitting room watching […]

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