Date: March 2023

You are not alone; the Loveland Foundation stands by you.  Given the social breakouts, the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests, and the police brutality in response to those events, African Americans have been traumatized over the last few years. Because of the stigma attached to the difficultie

Black Women who Transformed the Beauty Industry The beauty industry promises to enhance people’s appearances and lives with magical products and formulations. However, prejudice has always affected Black women, from not having options for skin tone or using chemicals that damage their skin to

Full of creativity, Sophia Demirtas has turned her passion for fashion into a luxury clothing brand. One of the best parts of starting a new hobby is the ability to turn something you love into a profitable business. That is the case for Fanm Mon—a Turkish fashion label that launched in 2013. Behi

In conversation with Emeka Okereke, we find out how borders can be connected through the power of art. Borders are an interesting concept. An invisible line that divides our land. A line that separates us. It defines us, limits us, shapes our cultures, and sets a false notion of self. Emeka Okereke

An innovative project that is redefining how we look at urban spaces and reinforcing the transformative power of art. Rebuild Foundation was founded in 2009 by artist and social innovator Theaster Gates. Founded with the intent to empower communities and support emerging artists, the Rebuild Foundat

Jessica Nabongo Making Black History Through An Ambitious Globetrotting Journey Black Resistance & Resilience. The theme of 2023’s Black History Month depicts a powerful remembrance of significant events and people in the history of the African diaspora. Black History is an important month of

Uniquely Uniting People of Color Through Travel Ashley McDonough, a 25-year-old entrepreneur and visionary, made history in the travel industry for the global black community.  She not only built a global community for travelers of all backgrounds, but she also created the world’s first app, Mela

Chocolatier Phillip Ashley Rix It was one of those things that probably was so common that it did not stick out at the time, until he opened Phillip Ashley Chocolates. Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, Chef Phillip Ashley Rix was not only influenced by the city’s rich culture and diverse culin

How Chef Debra VanTrece transcends multiple boundaries “I was a bit of an introvert—which comes as a complete surprise to those who know me now,” says Chef Debra VanTrece. That fact may be rather unexpected for those who have seen her lively appearances on various TV programs. It was, however,

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