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Living In Awe

Written by: Cristina Deptula

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Living in AWE: Abundance, Wellness, Empowerment

Mark Chasan, musician, entrepreneur, visionary

Innovator Mark Chasan describes awe as a state of amazement, wonder, love, reverence, and gratitude for all we have the fortune to experience.   

“So many people in society have forgotten, or become numb to, the miracle of life. Each breath, the interactions of our cells, this beautiful planet, and its complex ecosystems that give us life and sustain us are just a few of the amazing miracles we have been given,” he says.   

His new book, Living in AWE – Abundance, Wellness, Empowerment, shares how people can improve their mental and physical health and how societies can adopt regenerative ecological and community-building practices.   

“The root causes of all social dysfunction are fear and disconnection.  To heal this social dysfunction, it is essential that we create a new paradigm based upon loving and connecting with each other and our planet.”
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Mark Chasan’s Inspirations

Chasan brings a wide variety of experiences to the table that informs his writing. He considers himself a “systems visionary integrator.” He started his career as a professional musician and intuitive healer, which left him feeling fulfilled but making little money. So he became a lawyer, at which he was successful, bought a home and a Mercedes, and traveled. However, he no longer felt fulfilled. Then, in 1995, he launched the company Emusic, which sold digital music files online. The company went through some dark times and nearly closed. Through that experience, Chasan drew upon the wisdom he’d learned from his lifetime of studying metaphysics, wellness, and manifestation. “It took me a while to clear all of my limiting belief systems and trust the universe and adapt rather than relying on force and will to get things done, though.” One morning, when things seemed the most hopeless for Emusic and Chasan was out of money, his body started shaking violently while he lay in bed.
“At first, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown, but because of my Kundalini yoga training, I knew the shaking would cleanse and strengthen me.” Chasan remembers that this experience dismantled his ego and the beliefs that limited him and healed his old traumas. “I experienced unconditional love and an overflowing heart and was transformed. I felt clear; my heart was open, full, and radiant. I was joyous and in a state of awe.” Despite the dire predictions of his friends and family, Emusic eventually grew and went public, and Chasan made millions from the sale of stock. However, he later experienced major financial losses and life challenges. He had to learn to feel abundant without physical wealth and money, and develop a connection to nature, acceptance, and compassion. Chasan now works with eco-social entrepreneurs and executives to achieve breakthroughs in their lives and businesses. He has also developed a health protocol that he has shared with hundreds of people and is advocating for and accelerating principles of regenerative economics devoted to helping people and the planet thrive.
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Abundance, Wellness, and Empowerment

Mark Chasan’s book Living in AWE focuses on abundance, wellness, and empowerment.   

To Chasan, abundance is a state of mind that doesn’t depend on your financial status. It’s a state of mind where you’re content and happy in the moment, free to share your gifts with others, and grateful for all that you have.   

Wellness goes beyond not being sick or injured and involves being in a state of optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. This also includes our relationships with others and with nature.   

Empowerment refers to having the ability, right, and confidence to take self-determined action that improves the quality of life for ourselves, others, and the planet. Individually and collectively, we can transform the world.   

“The states of being Abundant, Well, and Empowered  are critical to shifting from the Industrial Age of extraction, scarcity, greed, hoarding, fear, and Darwinistic competition to the Regenerative Age of love, connection, collaboration, respect, regenerability, and living systems innovation in support of human and planetary thriving.”  

Chasan urges people who are making changes in their own lives and political and business leaders with the ability to make larger-scale changes to think in systemic, integrated, and holistic ways. To Chasan, some people are very good at maintaining a solid mindset, spiritually or otherwise, and advocating for positive thinking but hardly ever consider their impact on the environment or less-resourced communities. Others might be completely sold out for social or ecological justice but under-emphasize the role of physical and mental wellness in making their work sustainable.   

It will take long-term, concerted efforts towards Abundance, Wellness, and Empowerment, all at once, to effect lasting change.

Ways to Make Change

“Right now, the U.N. has 17 separate goals for sustainable development. While we are making progress towards these goals, corruption and lack of accountability are getting in the way, and the level of investment is simply not enough for the scale of the challenges we face.”   

In his book, he advocates for Core Regenerative Enterprises and Projects (CREPs) that meet established criteria for fixing ecological and societal problems and fostering a thriving society. Many of these CREPs will ultimately become profitable and sustainable businesses, although they will initially require a great amount of public and private investment.   

Areas where Chasan would like to see CREPs focused are clean water and aqua technology, nutritious food and sustainable agriculture, renewable and affordable energy, biomaterials and bioscience, regenerative and resilient cities, environmental restoration, optimal human health and wellness, waste recycling, regenerative learning and training, and ethical finance and governance.   

He believes that localization and decentralization of the global, fossil-fuel-burning supply chain is one of the most impactful places to start. That would involve fostering local agriculture and clean water, clean energy, renewable materials, and localized manufacturing. “One of the ways I make a difference is by growing food in my own yard. If I pluck an apple off my tree, it doesn’t have to be packaged and transported in ways that use up resources.”   

Also, Chasan would love to see the world’s education systems be personalized, practical, and applied. “Let children out of the ‘kid jail’ classrooms. Inspire them, give them real skills that include collaboration, emotional intelligence, survival skills, growing food, the arts, wellness education, and connection to nature.”   

He’d like to see children learn biology in the forest and farm, math and engineering in a computer science lab, and every other subject by engaging in the design and development of sustainable infrastructure.

“The states of being Abundant, Well, and Empowered are critical to shifting from the Industrial Age of extraction, scarcity, greed, hoarding, fear, and Darwinistic competition to the Regenerative Age of love, connection, collaboration, respect, regenerability, and living systems innovation in support of human and planetary thriving.”

Practicing What He Preaches

When he isn’t busy saving the world, Chasan enjoys going out in nature. “I enjoy surfing, snorkeling, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and camping. I love playing and composing music, doing healing work on myself and others, and optimizing my health with yoga, weight training, martial arts, meditation, organic superfoods, fresh juices, vegetables, and low-glycemic fruits.” cropped troora favicon 1
Cristina Deptula
TrooRa Magazine
Written by
Cristina Deptula
California, USA
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