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Logging on to Healthy living 5

Logging on to Healthy living

A piece about the services, exploits, and goals of BMT as a solutions provider.

A headshot of the founder, Dr. Beth Thomas
Dr. Beth Thomas

BMT Consulting Services is a consulting agency that collaborates with purpose-aligned digital health and virtual care platforms. If your goal is to keep fit and healthy, you don’t have to look any further.

The organization specializes in providing health services for women; they also provide services focused on helping digital healthcare and wellness companies leverage effective, evidence-based content, course, and collaboration solutions for faster growth and bigger impact.

Some of these services may include; prenatal weight management and nutrition for positive pregnancy outcomes, menopausal weight management and nutrition for optimal symptom management, and women’s weight management for improved metabolic health and increased quality of life.

About the Founder

Dr. Beth Thomas is a digital health consultant, CEO of BMT consulting services, LLC (previously BMT coaching), and a medical expert board member for Verywell Health. She is also a clinical advisory board member for Mae, a digital health platform dedicated to driving positive pregnancy outcomes for Black expectant mothers.

Additionally, Dr. Beth is a licensed pharmacist and certified nutritionist with over 14 years of experience in multiple settings. Quite easy to see that Dr. Beth is a woman of remarkable skill/talent and is a force to be reckoned with. Her goals are clearly within reach, thanks to her efforts to make this a reality.

Dr. Beth’s weight struggles motivated her to start her company to help other women, particularly those in the Black community, achieve optimal health throughout all the stages of their lives. She created a 5-phase coaching system to help women harness the power of nutrition for permanent health and weight transformation.

After experiencing coaching success, Dr. Beth became passionate about expanding her reach to serve organizations with all she has created so they can multiply her results through their platforms. It is also important to note that in 2020, Dr. Beth’s company was named by the American Fitness Professionals (AFPA) as one of the seven Black-owned health and fitness businesses that are changing the industry.

Photo of BMT dietary options by Dr. Beth Thomas
Photo of BMT dietary options.

Dr. Beth isn’t just incredibly beautiful but has brains to match. Well-versed in different medical fields, she uses that knowledge to improve the lives of women across the world; she is a blessing to our times.

BMT consulting was born as my way of sharing everything I learned, both during my weight loss journey and in my work as a pharmacist, to create effective and proven programs to help other women to improve their health. Now I partner with digital health and wellness organizations to take those programs to the masses.” – Dr. Beth Thomas

As the premier digital health consultant, the BMT consulting team provides action plans for growth, implementation audit support, exclusive health education content, custom clinical pharmacy solution, and white-label health coaching programs.

Excited curvy black woman sitting on scales at home, making YES gesture, happy with result of her slimming diet, panorama. Overjoyed plus size African American lady achieving her weight loss goal

 “I don’t feel like I’ve been run over by a truck all the time. Before, when I got home from work, I’d plop down on the couch and I would be so tired and feel like I couldn’t do anything else for the rest of the day. And now, I feel like I have the energy to go all the way into the night.

So it’s definitely been life-changing! I can’t even explain how different I feel. I’m not feeling like I am walking around with chains holding me down, fighting against lethargy, and being so tired. I love that feeling; I am eating the stuff my body likes and needs.BMT coaching client.

Women (especially women of color) find it difficult to access high-quality and effective health solutions due to the current ineptness of the health and wellness industry. From this vital flaw, the need for a solutions provider has risen, and BMT Consultant Servicescomes into cater to this need. The company was built for the primary purpose of aiding women in their fitness journeys, helping them keep fit all through the stages of their growth, with a vast service range spanning women worldwide.

BMT’s mission is to come alongside purpose-aligned digital women’s health and virtual care platforms for maximum profit and influence because they believe companies that focus on improving the healthcare landscape for women are worth championing. We have several achievements and positive reviews to prove that there is major progress towards achieving our goal. 

Some of the ways the company supports clients include;

Content: Keeping up with the content demands of operating an organization can be challenging. To smooth these operations, BMT steps in as trusted professionals to contribute to your content needs so that you spend less time creating content and more time attending to your clients. Some of the content may include; videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, live social media interviews, etc.

Courses: Creating proven, effective, evidence-based programming takes time, effort, and money. BMT can be regarded as efficient in this area as they help save time by licensing already proven programs for use with your clients and patients. These programs may include access to our ready-made, tested programs, Custom program development using our proven framework.

Woman using health tracking on her phone by the weighing scale innovative technology


Many hands make light work. That is why I love to support organizations by stepping in as a clinical advisor to help them support their clients and patients” Dr. Beth.

Some ways in which BMT collaborates with clients may include; data collection and reporting, Black healthcare focus, Operational process, and implementation. Licensed and verified in the following fields, BMT is sure to aid, support, and deliver quality services to clients who require the services of Product trainers, Weight Management Specialists, Nutrition and Wellness Consultants, and Licensed Pharmacists.


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