Category: Health & Fitness

Clearing Up the Misconception That Getting Fit Means Building Muscle Whether for a confidence boost, as a health precaution/remedy, or just plain old passion, a lot of people decide to one day embark on a fitness journey and head straight to the gym with a game-changer attitude. While exercising is, in fact, a very vital […]

Benefits of Wearing the Right Outfits For Your Workouts First off, what exactly is activewear? Activewear is clothes designed to be worn for sports, physical, and outdoor activities. They provide style and comfort during workouts and are usually made from sustainable materials. Besides being worn to help you find comfort while exercising or engaging in […]

A dive into the lives and accomplishments of the founders of Black Health Matters, a Black-owned organization. Answering the call to cater to the high-neglected health needs in the African American and Afro-Latin communities, Black Health Matters has emerged as a pillar of support dedicated to improving the overall health conditions in these lackluster environments. […]

A piece about the services, exploits, and goals of BMT as a solutions provider. BMT Consulting Services is a consulting agency that collaborates with purpose-aligned digital health and virtual care platforms. If your goal is to keep fit and healthy, you don’t have to look any further. The organization specializes in providing health services for […]

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