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Date: December 2021

Goat Rodeo Capital’s founders Fowler and Pelligrini invest in a variety of businesses, from makers of technology that supports the beverage industry to creators of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and cannabis drinks. They like to think of themselves as consumer behavior experts.

Art isn’t necessarily just confined to gallery walls, it can be found in architecture, monuments, and even on the streets themselves. But which are the best cities in the world for art lovers?

For some people, if they can’t find something that fits their style personality, they create those things. Many well-known names in the fashion world began their journey with the same idea. They gave us new styles and looks, some of which have become classic and iconic. With his brand, Dapper Rena

Desserto founders Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez first showcased their vegan leather in 2019 in Milan. Built from the leaves of nopal (prickly pear) cactus grown on an organic ranch in the state of Zacatecas in the founders’ native Mexico, the vegan leather is designed to be as durable

Mehdi Sefrioui was born in Tangiers in 1988 before moving to Paris to study for an MA in Business in 2010. Walking the streets of Paris with a camera, he began recording his new life and environment. “Just to get some oxygen away from the business school. It was an exutoire, an escape.”

Coperni has always given priority to the sun, to daylight, to clear and distinct ideas. But with the sun cometh the night. She shows the world differently—guiding us as always but also urging us into a new time; a time to welcome the unpredictable. Whether it’s mid- night or midday, the night is

Designer Elias Gurrola takes inspiration for his designs from various sources. These include his line-drawn portraits of men and the wide open agricultural fields outside of Miami, where he grew up as a farmer’s son.

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