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Through The Lens Of Photographer and visual artist Clarke Drahce

hotographer and artist Clarke Drahce grew up in Burgundy, France. His love for photography came from his father and grandfather who were both amateur photographers. Real moments of happiness for Drahce were during walks with his elders and their cameras, capturing nature and portraits.

He studied Fine Arts in contemporary art history, focusing on photography, video art, engraving, and painting. He defines his style of photography as “cinematographic; the image continues, alone forever. It’s a freeze frame.” 

His passion for the arts includes his love of his favorite musician Jim Morrison, his favorite cocktail the Ritz Pimm, and his favorite attire, a tuxedo, tailor-made with a bow tie. (Although he would prefer something more Napoleonic like Jimi Hendrix’s mythical jacket taken over by Michael Jackson.)

He defines his style of photography as “Cinematographic; the image continues, alone forever. It’s a freeze-frame.”
– Clarke Drahce
Clarke Drahce

He believes the evolution of fashion Is a movement and a kind of standardization. The masculine and the feminine tend to merge. This cross-over does not shock him and he feels he will continue to grow with the continued new trends.

The Whims Of Love photoshoot was produced by Clarke Drahce and his team for TrooRa Magazine in the spring of 2021. This shoot represents the beauty of the love, sensuality, and passion that exist between a man and woman through fashion and the lens of this talented artist and photographer and his dynamic team.

Thank you to:

  • Clarke Drahce and his entire team
  • La Poeterie Artist Village
  • Vincent Magny Studio Sculptor
  • NLight Light Studio
TrooRa Magazine | December 2021
Text Trystanne Cunningham
Production Whims Of Love for TrooRa Magazine
Photographer & Artistic Director Clarke Drahce
Photographer & Media Relationship Fanchon Isnard
Designer Stylist Etienne Jeanson
Jewelry Designer Martine Brun
Samantha Malfroy Marine’s Women Agency Paris
Pierre Groleau Metropolitan Paris
Hair Stylist Johnathan Herzog
Make Up Artist Sandrine Bo
Stylist Assistant Elodie Lelievre
Lighting Assistant Michel Delcambre
Lighting Assistant Thomas Gonzalez
Catering Anny Delcambre
Video Eric Lamy
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