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olar Egg is an epic creation of artists Bigert & Bergström and another one of Sweden’s unique saunas. The Solar Egg was initially installed in one of the northernmost towns in Swedish Lapland. Wellness is such an important aspect of life in Sweden and often works hand-in-hand with public or social issues. The artists are known for their artistic exploration of humanity’s relationship to nature, climate, and energy. Their creation of this modern Solar Egg was fundamentally to address a much larger issue facing the inhabitants of Kiruna. The Solar Egg was donated to the city of Kiruna which had to move to a new location due to irreparable damage to the environment caused by iron ore mining. The unusual mobile sauna was built to symbolize new beginnings or the rebirth of Kiruna and is free of charge for locals. The inspiration for Solar Egg was drawn from the town’s arctic climate and extreme light conditions. The area is known for extreme conditions such as the 24-hour sun in summer and 24-hour darkness in winter.

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There may be many saunas in northern Sweden but none of them are quite as unique as the hot room housed within the giant, shiny golden egg. With its golden panes of glass, the impressive structure beautifully reflects the white expanse of the snowy landscape around it. Visitors to the surreal structure enter the egg by ascending a golden staircase which leads to the piping hot interior. The small circular sauna can only seat eight people, making it an intimate area to relax and converse.
Solar Egg is just as impressive inside and is heated by a wood-burning stove shaped like an actual human heart. Interior walls, floor, and benches are made of wood and the egg can get surprisingly toasty.
This eye-catching Solar Egg is much more than just a striking portable sauna. The unforgettable piece of design is a tangible reminder of the condition of Kiruna and our impact on our environment. You don’t necessarily have to travel to Sweden to experience this remarkable sauna as it is regularly disassembled and installed in other parts of Europe. Currently, visitors can enjoy the healing properties of the Solar Egg in Copenhagen where it will be until January 2019.

Rare Magazine | Special Winter 2018 Written by Daniella Schoeman Photos by Bidert and Bergstrom
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