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The Skin Lord

Afro-Organic Skincare Building Confident, Radiant Beings with Nature’s Remedies.

Philippa Jones, founder of Phibel Naturals
Philippa Jones, the Skin Lord

Natural skincare products are skincare products made from ingredients made available by nature and are not harmful to the skin and the environment. They are 100% natural, organic, plant-based, sustainably sourced, and marketed. 

No one wants a skincare product that is harsh on the skin. Thus, people sway to the organic, eco-friendly side of life because such products are tender on the skin. Organic and eco-friendly skincare products also nourish, revitalize and moisturize the skin. 

Beautiful, healthy skin is paramount for attractive well-being. For this reason, Phibel Naturals skin care products are composed of only the best and purest natural ingredients and lots of love and care. 

Made from plant ingredients such as Shea butter, aloe, coconut oil, honey, fruit extracts, and palm kernel, her skincare brand has continued to restore glow and confidence to people across the globe. 

Phibel Naturals by Philippa Jones

Phibel Naturals is a line of natural skin care products with a mission to provide excellent skin care products. It was founded in 2019 by Philippa Jones, with its current headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. They formulate only the best organic products with high-quality ingredients that give visible and sustainable results without negative side effects.

The skin lord, as Philippa is popularly called, envisions becoming a household name at the top of people’s minds when they think of reliable skin care. She started the brand with a mission to solve different skin problems and use carefully curated products tested for safety and quality. 

The brand has adopted safety standards ensuring only professionals formulate their products using environmentally friendly materials and packaging that meet ethical standards every beauty brand should aspire to.

According to the founder, she started the brand to address beauty concerns and fight the stigma and wrong notion of true beauty.

Organic products by Phibel Naturals
Organic products by Phibel Naturals

In her own words, “There has been a widespread misconception about what beautiful skin should look like. The magazines portray perfect flawless skin that has been edited and airbrushed to be the yardstick of beautiful skin. And so, young women and men feel pressured to attain the impossible so that they can identify as beautiful. 

However, perfect skin is next to impossible. What we promise our Phibel family is healthy skin. Everyone, especially women, must understand that it is okay to have textured skin and regular hormonal breakouts. That does not in any way make you less beautiful. We are all perfectly and beautifully made.”

raw organic ghanaian shea butter
Raw Organic Ghanaian Shea butter
Charming young lady looking at side with dots of face cream on her cheek
Skincare for restoring natural beauty

The brand is undoubtedly on its way to restoring natural beauty and confidence to several people of all ages, races, and gender. But like every business, they are also faced with some challenges. Philippa says competition and pricing continue to be an issue. 

“The beauty industry is getting saturated by the day, and people would more likely patronize bigger, popular brands than emerging startups, notwithstanding the quality or price. It is a wrong ideology that these popular brands have superior products just because of their high prices.”

Black African hands cupped catching and holding pouring honey shot for beauty industry, for Phibel Naturals
Natural Honey
cosmetic bottle and fresh organic coconut for skincare by Phibel Naturals
Fresh organic coconut for skin care

Notwithstanding this challenge, Philippa strives to maintain quality and consistency by letting her products speak volumes. In 3 years, she has garnered an array of return clients who have become family. Their trust in the brand and visible results continues to do the work of marketing and upselling Phibel Naturals.

She says her passion and love for her work get her past the negativity and challenges. “I love what I do, and I’m always elated knowing I have helped restore someone’s confidence. It shows I’m doing something right and encourages me to do even more. Also, I hope to build an army of confident women and men while creating generational wealth for myself and my students.”

Philippa plans to expand the brand internationally so everyone can access the natural goodness they bring. She looks to inspire even more people and restore their confidence, one quality product at a time. When asked for a piece of advice she can give young inspiring skincare enthusiasts, she says, 

“Be consistent in delivering value. Show up and give your 100% no matter the weather, good days or bad.” 

Great skin takes time to achieve; it’s more than drinking countless glasses of water, sipping herbal tea, and minding your business. It takes patience, the right amount, and of course, the right products. People want their skincare to have a nice smell. They want organic soap that lathers well and leaves a clean and soft feel on the skin. 

That is why we especially celebrate Phibel Naturals for their quality focus on natural, locally sourced ingredients, which are very kind to the skin. Their Glow Body Oil and Purifying Face Mask are beauty must-haves. 

With the amount of damage our skin goes through because of overexposure to the wrong chemicals, hormonal changes, and UV rays, glowing skin can be difficult to attain. However, it is possible! Of the many organic skincare brands making us proud, Phibel Naturals stands out and lives up to its slogan, “illuminating all shades of beauty.”

Organic products by Phibel Naturals
Organic products by Phibel Naturals


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