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y ever-present goal of achieving wellness in the fast-paced modern world has guided me towards trying numerous different treatments. Some worked, some didn’t and many I’m still not sure about. However, what I have come to realize is that wellness - true wellness - requires a holistic approach. You see, we’re not just a physical body as conventional Western medicine likes to make us out to be. We are made up of a mind, body and soul. Which is why my wellness journey has always had a more spiritual approach. To me, real wellness incorporates me as a whole and not just a small part of me. By paying attention to your physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body, you can find the path to true health and wellness. That is why many of the spiritual and wellness practices I’ve added to my life have their roots in ancient cultures. These ancient people recognized the connection between mind, body and spirit. As a result, they created complementary medicines and integrative wellness practices to support all facets of the human being. In the spirit of wellness, I’ll delve into some of my favorite spiritual wellness practices. I’ll share details of the experience and outcome so that you can make an informed decision about what practices to try.


The pursuit of wellness through spiritual enlightenment requires education.Although my choice of educational resources is usually books, I have found great value in documentaries; especially those found on Gaia. Gaia is netflix for spiritual content. Here you’ll find information you’d never find on anywhere else (except a really deep internet search). Discover a large and diverse library of consciousness-expanding videos and documentaries. There is no greater resource for finding the truth about wellness, spirituality and more than this alternative media streaming service.

Yoga & Meditation

The foundations of my wellness & spirituality journey began in 2015 when I started a regular yoga and meditation practice. It took me embarrassingly long to try both practices but I do believe it happened as it needed to – divine timing. There is much I can say about these practices, but let’s keep it simple: they changed my life. Once I started, they quickly became the best part of my day and as my physical practice deepened so did my connection to source. This spiritual link has only grown stronger over the years and it’s on my mat where I find answers to my most pressing questions. Sometimes you can’t find the answers externally (through educational resources) and you have to travel within to seek guidance. Personally, I turn to reputable brands to help enhance my practice wherever possible. For yoga my go-to item is my Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat which is a mat and towel beautifully combined into one for extra comfort during difficult asanas. Not only are these mats gorgeous, but they are environmentally friendly as well. Their mats are made from recycled plastic bottles and natural tree rubber. For meditation, I’ve employed the help of a deceivingly simple tool created by Komuso Design. These meditation breathing necklaces were inspired by the Japanese Komuso Monks. The necklace helps you achieve the perfect exhale to create a ‘shift’ that calms the nervous system, slows the heart rate and reduces cortisol levels to relax the mind and body.

Alternative Therapies

I am a big believer in alternative therapies and natural remedies of all kinds. This makes up a big portion of my wellness habits as there are many alternative healing techniques. Over the years I have turned to self-care practices such as detox baths using certain salts, aromatherapy through incense as well a nifty little tool called MONQ and many more. Recently I have been focusing on my energy centers and meridian lines as well. This has led me to regularly practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping using the Tapping Solution App. Tapping is a type of acupressure technique that you can do yourself by tapping on specific meridian points on your face and upper body. This practice helps to calm you while also bypassing any mental or emotional blocks. Another practice I’ve been loving is Cupping which also works on the meridian lines along the body. A cup is used to create a local suction on the body to facilitate blood flow and the life force energy Qi. This has been essential to my wellness as it helps for pain relief, muscle relaxation and to balance hormones.

Rare Magazine | November 2018 Written by Daniella Schoeman
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