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Spring Fashion Wishlist

Trooly Rare Outfit Ideas For Those Who Dare

Spring Fashion Wishlist
Photo by Valerie Elash

Spring fashion is fresh, clean, and flirty, like the season itself. After a cold, long winter, nothing feels quite as magical as those first spring days. The snow has melted, and the warm breeze starts to hit you. 

Once the air outside doesn’t actively hurt your face, you can officially bring your beloved floral skirt, sweatshirt, and bombers out of hibernation and into that fresh spring light where they belong.

Nothing cures the winter blues like spring fashion and a shopping spree. So, it’s time to decide on your signature look for the spring season. It doesn’t matter if the flowers have yet to bloom; it’s never too early to start writing your spring-style story. 

We have rounded up some fresh outfit ideas to cure your winter blues and possibly remind your family, friends, or colleagues that you haven’t completely abandoned your sense of style in the cold. Here are some of the most fantastic, inspiring spring outfit ideas:

Bomber Jacket

This excellent style must-have tops our list because there are many ways to style a bomber jacket. Bombers come in different colors, prints, and fits. Keep it bright and fancy by choosing a jacquard, floral, or graphic print bomber. Here are some ways to style your favorite bomber jacket this spring:

Bomber Jacket and Hoodie

A dark-colored bomber is an ideal outerwear piece for layering over a light-colored hoodie with black leggings and runners. Blue bomber and grey hoodie ideally match ripped boyfriend jeans in a wash blue color. You can complete this combo by adding a pair of colorful sneakers.

Bomber Jacket and Crop Top

How about we pair that lovely bomber with a friendly, bright-colored crop top? Pull off the look with ripped wash-blue boyfriend jeans and blue or black trainers. Complete this look by adding a pair of sunglasses.

Bomber Jacket and Sweater

What do you think of this combo: a dark blue bomber teamed with a tie-dye sweater, skinny grey jeans, and black leather ankle boots? Awesome right? A great bomber will look fabulous with a bright sweater and some jeans. Complete this look by adding a pair of mirrored, round sunglasses.

Bomber Jacket and a Dress

Do you want to stay chic while keeping the spring feeling alive? Then pair your bomber with a bright, floral print dress. This gives you a relaxed, casual, yet absolutely stylish ensemble. Add a mellow touch to your outfit by finishing it off with a pair of white plimsolls.

Spring Fashion- Bomber Jacket
Photo by Yaritza

Floral Skirts

As spring rolls around, and you shed your winter layers and tuck your heavy coats away in the back of your closet, skirts adorned with flower prints are a fitting way to ease into the new season. 

Floral skirts are a terrific wardrobe staple for both casual and professional outfits. Solid-colored tees, sweatshirts, and even graphic T-shirts can be used to put together a stunning look with your flowery skirt. 

One great thing about floral skirts is that a version can fit into anyone’s wardrobe. Whether you’re wearing yours to a weekend barbecue, a wedding, or even the office, we’ve rounded up some great ways to pair it up this season:

Spring Fashion- Floral Skirts
Photo by Chalo Garcia

Floral Skirt With a Tank Top

For a quick and easy ensemble, choose a tank top that matches the colors of your floral skirt. Finish the look with a pair of fashionable tennis shoes or sandals, and tuck your tank top under your floral skirt for a more defined look. 

You can also wear your floral skirt with a black tank top and sandals. Throw a light jacket or sweater over your tank top when it gets chilly in the evening. Voila! You are officially a style icon.

Floral Skirt With a Tee Shirt

Pick out a bright-colored top that matches the florals for a cute outfit. You may choose a tee in a neutral shade like black, white, or gray. The fitted T-shirt can be worn tucked or untucked, depending on your mood. 

Pair your top with a floral skirt that fits your body type. If the weather turns chillier, this outfit is easy to add layers to, like a jacket or sweater.

Floral Skirt and a Sweater

Tuck a loose sweater into your skirt for a comfy spring outfit. You can rock a solid-colored sweater that matches one of the colors in your floral skirt. Tuck your sweater into your skirt to help define your look, or only tuck in the front so the loose sweater doesn’t look baggy.


A sweatshirt is no longer just a sportswear item; it can now be worn in a thousand different places and with a thousand additional items. If you have a few beloved sweatshirts but aren’t sure how to style them other than with jeans, we have some suggestions for you this spring!

Sweatshirt and a Skirt

A sweatshirt can be paired with various skirts (denim, leather, tulle, and sequin) and in multiple styles (wrap, asymmetrical, pencil, and full skirts). Minis, midis, and maxis are all great options. Don’t forget to pair the outfit with white sneakers; it’s a bold move.

Sweatshirt and Pants

A sweater with a pair of comfortable cropped or cuffed pants and shoes or a slip-on is a creative and comfortable city chic look. Complete your look with the addition of a backpack or a comfortable bag. 

Sweatshirt and Leggings

For maximum comfort, rock your sweatshirt with leggings and sneakers. Remember, being comfortable while staying fashionable is key to slaying this spring. 

Spring Fashion - Sweatshirts
Photo by Matt Hardy

It’s A Wrap!

Spring is the season of colors and flowers, and everyone loves it. Even science agrees it is the most delightful season. As the temperature rises and the days get longer, there’s much joy. 

Express your colorful side this season with bright, comfy spring-worthy outfits. Do it with pride, for the community, for you!


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