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Being Bold Sustainably

Written by: Mrudavi Punekar

TrooRa magazine embodies the Green revolution

As the clock ticks towards an uncertain future, sustainability no more remains a buzzword, it’s now the need of the hour. In this scenario, TrooRa magazine is taking bold steps by embracing the Green Revolution. Here’s how:

April 22nd is Earth Day, a day to celebrate our environment. We raise awareness about protecting our planet, and about taking action for positive change on a global scale.

The UN has now declared climate change as the ‘single biggest health threat’ for life on Earth. Its effects are manifesting in the form of pollution, drinking water scarcity, rising ocean levels, extreme weather changes, diseases, and so much more.

What we do as a human race today will predict if our future generations will have habitable earth to live on. We are on borrowed time, using borrowed resources.

TrooRa Magazine- The Women’s Issue ’23

The best plan of action? Adopt a sustainable lifestyle and green business models. Be mindful of our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

GHG emissions by industries

Your Carbon FootPrint

Since 1998, only 100 companies were responsible for about 71% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, as per a study by the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) is the average carbon footprint produced by a corporate/company in a year. For example, Apple Inc has estimated that its CCF was 25.2 million tonnes in the fiscal year of 2018. Today, the company is carbon neutral and has committed to a net-zero climate impact from all its products in the future.

GHG emissions by industries

Great Leaders are the Real ChangeMakers

When companies do a great job building their communities, they create raving fans. This is only possible when the leaders have a clear vision. Great leaders need to create value-driven companies with a loyal community and influence change.

TrooRa Magazine is doing exactly that and more. Sustainability stays at the core of TrooRa, creating a blueprint for magazines and other companies to take inspiration from.

Trystanne Cunningham, the Founder, Creative Director and Editor In Chief of TrooRa Magazine, is leading by example. Her vision is to inspire readers through her magazine, to not just find beauty in the mundane but also appreciate what is truly rare.

In her efforts to emphasize what TrooRa magazine practices to promote sustainability, she highlights that our life on earth is a once-in-a-lifetime. It is a truly rare experience, and we can only save it when we learn to appreciate it.

Through her beautiful, dynamic and captivating magazine, she reminds you to appreciate the marvel of life on Earth.

Trystanne Cunningham

Trystanne Cunningham

Planting saplings

Here's How TrooRa Magazine is a Sustainability Pioneer in its Space

Sustainability should be simple to understand and incorporate into our lifestyle. Our collaboration with Click a Tree ensures just that.

It is as simple as-

-plant trees by employing local communities full-time,

-they nurture the plantations to revive the habitats for flora and fauna, even endangered species,

-and directly contribute to slowing down climate change.

TrooRa’s vision is to make planting trees a natural, daily habit. This practice is holistic, reminding us that we are all on this planet together, and we can only save it together. Because it is worth it.

Planting saplings

The plantation process:

The reforestation system called “syntropic farming” is used, under the supervision of reforestation experts. It entails creating a forest along with planting fruit trees.

This system helps the locals eat and sell the fruits, keeping them self-sufficient. All while keeping the forest nurtured and growing.

This partnership has helped make a positive impact on Ghana, Thailand, and the Philippines. So far, we have supported an entrepreneur school in Ghana. They teach young kids in their communities all about entrepreneurship basics.

Through reforestation in Thailand, we have created a healthy food source for the communities. We have also helped build a habitat for elephants and endangered animals.

In the Philippines, we remove 1kg of plastic from the ocean for each new tree planted.

In this digital age, our digital carbon footprint is skyrocketing. So TrooRa took this opportunity to design its hosting platform with a ‘maximum use, no waste of resource’ mindset.

It is optimized to be as energy efficient as possible. For every amperage TrooRa consumes from the grid, it is matched threefold through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Along with it, one tree is planted for every hosting account created.

As a magazine publication with an online and offline subscription-based model, the digital carbon footprint optimization guarantees only positive eco-impact.

Locals planting trees in Ghana

Locals planting trees in Ghana

Sustainable, eco-friendly magazine

Sustainable, eco-friendly magazine

When we say that TrooRa is holistically sustainable, we mean it.

With our sustainability commitment, we offer an immersive online experience for our readers and print fewer physical magazines. However, when TrooRa prints the magazine issues, sustainability is all you can expect. The paper is fully recycled, the inks are vegetable-based, with the laminates biodegradable.

And to reduce the transportation carbon footprint, the magazines are printed in close proximity to our readers, thus ensuring fewer emissions.

In collaboration with our printing partners, Xcalibre Communications and Eco Friendly Printer, TrooRa achieves the bold goal of making the forefront of our magazine eco-friendly. As a company, TrooRa is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to save the planet. As April 22nd comes, TrooRa urges you to take one step, just one simple step towards saving the planet. It could be planting a tree, using public transportation, turning lights and taps off when not in use, or simply switching to an eco-friendly toothbrush. If you want to take an easier and more impactful step, you can support TrooRa magazine in its sustainability efforts by joining our journey as a reader. There’s only one Earth, we’ve got only one life. Let’s make the most of them, together. cropped troora favicon 1
Mrudavi Punekar
TrooRa Magazine
Written by
Mrudavi Punekar
Maharashtra, India
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