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low fashion is the hottest thing in the fashion world now. Gone are the days when fast fashion or “use and throw” was popular in the fashion world. Today, people have become more conscious, and there is an increased preference for timeless pieces, patterns, and textures which can be worn repeatedly in various ways. Embracing this sustainable and ethical fashion concept is the Irish Designer Monica Walsh with her slow fashion luxury brand Cobbler’s Lane.

Walsh’s mother was a phenomenal designer, so creativity is in her genes, and she experienced the beautiful world of design and fabrics at a very young age. Her mother made all her dresses. She learned sewing from her mother and tried to perfect each piece that she created. She also studied design at the University of Manitoba, Canada and then studied pattern making at Red River College. 

Walsh started designing in 2018 for friends and family. When she moved back to Ireland from Canada, she decided to pursue it full time. Cobbler’s Lane is a women’s wear brand based out of Wexford, Ireland. With her passion for vintage fashion, Walsh started the brand in March 2020 with her first collection Countryside Romance. The collection was full of beautiful flowing silhouettes, soft pinks, bright colours, ruffles, and attractive floral prints.

Meadow Mini Dress Cobbler s Lane

Cobbler’s Lane is known for its elegant pieces meant for romantic, feminine, and modern women. The designs are inspired by the 60s and 70s and have a Bohemian feel. The inspiration is derived from Walsh’s personal experiences and emotions. The idea is to focus on creating timeless pieces that can be worn year after year and season after season and can be passed onto the next generation.

One of Walsh’s collections, Weekend in Morocco, was based on her travel experience, inspired by Morocco’s intricate landscapes and mosaics. The collection is full of beautiful prints, delicate laces, and vibrant colours with gorgeous silhouettes, creating intricate and timeless pieces. A collection called Prairie Sky is inspired by Canadian prairies, where the sky is often burning in shades of orange, pink, and purple. The collection incorporates all the hues of the sky.  Blossom is a collection that celebrates nature and its beauty. Cobbler’s Lane’s latest collection, A Postcard Home, is an homage to Walsh’s Australian adventure, and the four prints of the collection showcase her favourite places in Australia.

Wildflower Dress Cobbler s Lane 1 1

Her collections are admired and worn by various Irish celebrities and bloggers. In addition, there is a considerable market of handcrafted products in Ireland, which favours Walsh and Cobbler’s Lane.

Walsh is used to working 16 hours a day, and her love for designing keeps her motivated. Creating something new every time keeps her driven. As designs evolve from paper to reality, they become bigger and better. Walsh has found a niche in the slow fashion market with her passion for vintage fashion. She tries to use all the fabric in her designs without creating any waste. She likes to create handcrafted, high quality, timeless pieces which are not bound to any period.

Cobbler’s Lane mindfully creates beautiful pieces by employing ethical manufacturing practices. Their purpose is to infiltrate the client’s wardrobe with beautiful colours, prints, and silhouettes to be worn by present and future generations.

TrooRa Magazine | December 2021
Text Neha Suradkar
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