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Date: November 2020

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Join our Rare Gems Holiday Listening Party on 12/11 starting at 10 a.m. PST/ 1 p.m. EST All Day Long We Share Amazing Holiday Songs You Don’t Hear on the Radio S ave the date! Our next listening party is in celebration of the launch of our next issue on the theme Roots, Soul, Spirit. […

R ight now many people—not only Americans—are processing the endless onslaught of police violence in response to the murder of George Floyd. In this issue’s playlist, I explore songs that focus on how musicians respond to racial discrimination. Some songs respond with positivity, some with ang

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Why SF? In addition to being the home base of TrooRa Magazine, the Bay Area is known as a hub of culture, diversity, and inclusivity. Within these pages, you’ll meet some of SF’s great up-and-coming artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses. You can learn how fallen neighborhood trees are turned into beautiful, bespoke pieces (From Soul Trees to Custom Home Interiors).