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Determined to make a difference, TrooRa emerged as my vision—a platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of underrepresented creatives and entrepreneurs. Driven by the belief that everyone deserves a chance to thrive, TrooRa stands as a beacon of inclusivity, offering omni-channel visibility and support to those who have long been sidelined in mainstream media.

"As a Black West Indian immigrant woman, I recognize the imperative to address the inequities experienced by minorities. I am committed to using my passion to empower, inspire, and advocate for equity for marginalized groups, particularly women – and especially women of color – and those who need their voices heard. I firmly believe that those often overlooked are the ones whose voices are most essential to hear and amplify."

Trystanne Cunningham

Trystanne Cunningham


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Mission and Vision

About TrooRa

At TrooRa Magazine, every story is an invitation to see the world differently. We’re more than a magazine; we’re a celebration of individuals that inspire, challenge, and transform our perspectives. We are committed to fostering curiosity, and nurturing a sense of connection among our esteemed audience through an authentic and natural lens.

Discover all the hidden treasures at TrooRa. Our meticulously curated selection of voices covers fashion, travel, home design, art, beauty, wellness, and technology.

TrooRa remains committed to delving beneath surface-level narratives, sparking conversations, and embracing what it means to be truly rare.

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“I just love this,  it’s  fresh and stunning,  the imagery transports me and encourages immersive absorption of the content.  I just want to jump right in!”


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“This is so beautiful,  I am inspired by the stories and love discovering new brands and products I don’t find on any other platform or magazine.  The print is impressive and I love their reforestation and sustainability initiatives!”
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“This magazine is new?  Wow, well done.  I am in awe of its beauty, the content volume and all of the things.  This is the new magazine going toe to toe with Vogue and Elle. Bravo. Can’t wait for the print subscription.!”
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